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Who am I?

I am a backend engineer that loves to architect systems, create new DevTools, and automate processes. I am currently working at SoundCloud.

Topics that I am especially interested in:

  • DevTools;
  • Automation;
  • Software architecture;
  • APIs;
  • Events architecture.

I like to speak and share knowledge. I speak mostly in tech conferences and as a guest on YouTube channels. Here you can find my last appearances.

I've also helped to organize some tech events like:

I am an open-source advocate that believes in the power of tech communities.

People > Tech 💜


Currently, my main project is the ScanAPI. ScanAPI is a testing framework that provides automated integration testing and live documentation for any REST API.

Given an API specification, written in YAML/JSON format, the library hits the specified endpoints, runs the test cases, and generates a detailed report of this execution - that can be also used as the API documentation itself.

With few lines, the user can define endpoints to be hit, and the expected behaviors for each response, and, as a result, receives a full real-time diagnostic of the API.

I strongly believe in the potential of ScanAPI mainly because:

  • It works for any REST API, it doesn't matter how it was built;
  • It is extremely useful for testing and documenting both owned and third-party APIs;
  • It is possible to chain requests, which is essential for testing complex scenarios;
  • The documentation is automatically generated, it never gets outdated;
  • It is simple. The syntax is simple, and it requires almost no language-specific knowledge;
  • It is extremely flexible, once pure python code is accepted in the specification;


By funding my work, you'll be funding the maintenance and development of the whole ScanAPI ecosystem. The library and all related repositories, like the website, the GitHub action, the vscode-plugin, the examples repo... you can check all of them in the ScanAPI Org

Besides, you'll be funding also my knowledge sharing. To create more content, give more talks, and help at conferences. And also, of course, helping in other open-source projects written in Python/Ruby that might need help.


A public list of underrepresented open source developers that can be sponsored via GitHub

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